My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew

A film by Rick Tejada-Flores

This film was screened as a part of the 2018 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF21)

This feature was preceded by the short film Palenque




USA/Bolivia, Documentary, 2016
58 min, Color
English, Spanish with English subtitles

A Latino filmmaker travels to Bolivia to find the things his parents told him, and what they never mentioned… the family’s slave-owning past, his grandfather the President’s role in Latin America’s bloodiest war, the relative who was one of the leaders of the Revolution, and connections with a Nazi war criminal… all a far cry from growing up in California and living a life as an activist.

Regional Premiere


Rick Tejada-FloresRick Tejada-Flores is a documentary filmmaker with over 40 years of experience in film and television. His works have appeared on PBS, cable, and in the Smithsonian Institution. Among his producing and directing credits are SI SE PUEDE!, LOW’N SLOW: THE ART OF LOWRIDING, RIVERA IN AMERICA, ELVIA: THE FIGHT FOR LAND AND LIBERTY, JASPER JOHNS IDEAS IN PAINT, THE FIGHT IN THE FIELDS: CESAR CHAVEZ AND THE FARMWORKERS STRUGGLE, THE GOOD WAR AND THOSE WHO REFUSED TO FIGHT IT, RACE IS THE PLACE, AMERICAN ENCOUNTERS, CAMINANTE, and OROZCO MAN OF FIRE.



Producer: Rick Tejada-Flores
Production Companies: Alturas Films
Cinematographer: Vicente Franco, Tupac Saavedra
Editor: Rick Tejada-Flores
Sound Design: Chrisopher Hedge
Music: Claudio Duran, Alex De Grassi

Print Source: Alturas Films,,