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Get Involved with Cine Las Americas

To support Cine Las Americas means to ensure that diversity in theatrical film exhibition and media arts education have a prominent place in the cultural landscape of Austin and the state of Texas.

As a non-profit organization, Cine Las Americas depends on the involvement of individuals and organizations in order to accomplish its mission. There are many ways to support Cine Las Americas, and stay involved in giving a well deserved place to films of artistic excellence and high entertainment value that otherwise would not find public exhibition platforms in Texas.

Whether you are a member of the community, a local business, or large organization, you can get involved by taking advantage of the following opportunities:


~ Become a Member

Joining our membership community is the simplest way to support Cine Las Americas’ mission and stay involved in its programs. Different membership levels offer discounts, free access, and other benefits to individuals and small businesses.


~ Make a Donation

Join our growing list of donors. Financial contributions are essential to the continuation of Cine Las Americas’ mission. By choosing Cine Las Americas as a cause to support, you can make a difference in the cultural landscape of Austin and the state of Texas, investing your dollars in cultural diversity and artistic excellence. Most contributions are tax-deductible. Donate now!


~ Volunteer

Every year, Cine Las Americas depends on volunteers to bring its programs to fruition. Volunteer opportunities range from short-term, seasonal engagements during the annual film festival, to extended opportunities that allow for learning, continuity, involvement, and fun. Volunteer at this year’s festival!


~ Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and corporations are also available. Cine Las Americas creates a unique opportunity for sponsors to be part of a world-class international event, while remaining closely involved in the local community. Offering year-round and seasonal sponsorship opportunities, Cine Las Americas seeks to adapt to your marketing and promotional needs, providing your brand with exposure to diverse audiences, and the “cool” factor of being associated with unique programs that bring cultural diversity, education and entertainment value to the community.

Sponsor benefits include brand awareness, exclusivity, visibility, cross-promotional marketing, merchandising, product sampling and access to festival events and participants. The diverse character of Cine Las Americas’ events provides sponsors with cross-cultural exposure among English, Spanish, and Portuguese-speaking audiences.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, view our sponsorship packet for this year’s film festival or please contact