La Diaspora

A music video by Cutter Hodierne

This music video was screened as a part of the 2019 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF22)

This video preceded the screening of the feature Vientos del sur (Southern Winds)


Music by: Nitty Scott
7 min, Color, USA/Mexico, 2017

Nitty Scott’s musical short film LA DIASPORA is a cinematic tribute to the daughters of the Afro-Latinx diaspora. Through the whimsical narrative of Negrita In Wonderland, Nitty creates a colorful indigenous utopia — a peaceful, native community in harmony with nature, loving and living free of oppression. Shot on sacred Mayan land in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, LA DIASPORA steers clear of the commonplace portrayals of slavery and trauma, celebrating diasporic identity and tribal life in the pre-colonial world instead.

World Premiere

Print Source: Ian Freeman,