A film by José Cohen in collaboration with Lorenzo Hagerman

This film was screened as a part of the 2015 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF18)

With Special Guest Christine Davila, Director of Ambulante California, in attendance to present the film


Mexico, Social Issue/Environmental Documentary, 2013
72 min, HD, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

H2OMX portrays the complex situation of water in the basin of the Valley of Mexico. This film covers wide areas and neighborhoods of Mexico City, where there is a continual battle for access to water: getting it, rationing it, transporting it, and consuming it with the utmost judgment and care. From the sky, we are shown the urban sprawl explaining the aquatic origins of this huge city. The film documents problems facing the ground, the water table, the continuous and unstoppable pollution, the obstruction in pipe and duct systems, the filtration and the daily loss of thousands of liters due to fractures of the water system. H2OMX visits the Cutzamala water system as well as areas without drinking water, and follows the course of the main drainage channel and its final destination in Hidalgo.

Regional Premiere


About the director

- DirectorJosé Cohen is a producer as well as founder and director of Cactus Film & Video. He has produced TV reports, documentaries, and short films for national and international production companies including the BBC and Discovery Channel. He is currently producing a documentary film directed by Alejandro Solar titled DE LA CALLE A LA CANCHA about a Mexican soccer team composed of homeless children.



Producer: José Cohen
Production Companies: Cactus Film and Video
Screenwriter: Olga Cáceres
Cinematographer: Bernabé Salinas, Guillermo “Memo” Rosas, Jaime Reynoso, Sylvestre Guidi, Gaetan Mariage
Editor: Paula Heredia, Omar Guzmán, Lorenzo Hagerman
Sound Design: Samuel Larson, Al Fondo del Callejón
Music: Ariel Guzik, Laboratorio de Investigación en Reonancia, Expresión de la Naturaleza

Print Source: José Cohen, josecoh@mac.com