Documentary Shorts

Documentary Short Film Competition


These films were screened as a part of the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase


Showcase Screening Order
La Eminencia - The Expert

La Eminencia | The Expert
Carlota Coronado, Clara Roca
Spain, Science/Women/Children, 2019
22 min, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Everything is born with a riddle. A riddle with a very simple answer, but for many people the answer is not so obvious. Why?

Print Source: Cristina Moreno,


Tatiana Issa, Guto Barra
Brazil, Indigenous/LGBTQ+, 2019
19 min, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

On a small island at the mouth of the Amazon River called Cotijuba, we are invited to meet Dominique, whose mother raised all by herself her three transgender daughters. On the way to visit her mother, Dominique reminisces about her life as a survivor of prostitution and police brutality due to unconditional love, understanding, and affection.

Print Source: Tatiana Issa,


Yakonnhéhkwen | It Sustains Her
Tyotsi’tsyatyerenhton Candace Maracle
Haudenosaunee Territory, Indigenous/Art, 2019
17 min, Color
English, Kenien’kéha with English subtitles

Yakonnhéhkwen is a Kenyen’kéha word meaning “it sustains her.” Ann found healing in the rare traditional Iroquoian art form of black ash basketry. She also became keenly aware that her ancestors were there to show her the way. This is a short film about the depression that brought her to brink of suicide and her journey home, back to her culture and learning to truly value herself as an Onkwehonwe woman and artist.

Print Source: Candace Maracle,

Blackfeet Boxing- Not Invisible

Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible
Kristen Lappas, Tom Rinaldi
United States, Sports/Social Justice/Women/Indigenous, 2020
29 min, Color

BLACKFEET BOXING: NOT INVISIBLE tells the story of one girl who never made it to the gym, Ashley Loring Heavyrunner. Her family still searches for her across the vast sweep of the reservation where she disappeared in June 2017, as her sister Kimberly fights for recognition and justice in the face of collective indifference from tribal and federal law enforcement and state and national government.

Print Source: Eve Wulf,

La Cachera

La Cachera
Felipe Holguin Caro
Colombia, Social/Comedy, 2019
14 min, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

When a couple fights publicly, leave each other and eventually reconcile as if nothing happened, the neighbors organize them a “Cachera”; a bizarre serenade to ridicule them with sharp verses, trumpets, sticks and pans, in the middle of the night.

Print Source: TERE GAVIRIA,