Suspensión | Suspension

Suspensión / Suspension

A film by Simón Uribe

This film was screened as a part of the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase




Columbia, Nature/Social Issues/Architecture/History/Environment, 2020
73 min, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

With more than two dozen curves per mile, the San Francisco-Mocoa highway, where the Andes meet the Amazon jungle, may be the most dangerous road in the world. Shrines dot the route, marking the spots where many have died. In addition to the hair-raising blind turns, it is frequently beset by landslides and catastrophic flooding. Beautifully photographed, geographer Simón Uribe’s SUSPENSIÓN is a mesmerizing cinematic portrait of a deadly road… when disaster strikes.


Simón UribeSimón Uribe is a geographer, professor and researcher. Parallel to his academic career, he has directed numerous shorts, with SUSPENSIÓN being his debut documentary feature.



Producer: Marcela Lizcano, Joaquín Uribe, Simón Uribe, María Elisa Balen
Production Company: Viceversa Cine
Screenwriter: Joaquín Uribe, Simón Uribe
Cinematographer: Andrés Hilarión
Editor: Mateo Rudas, Gustavo Vasco
Sound Design: Juan Pablo Patiño
Music: Mateo Barrios, Juan Manuel Toro Guerrero, Fredy Vallejos
Cast: Guillermo Guerrero Urrutia, Salomón Tulcán, Angela María Zuluaga

Print Source: Bob Hunter – Icarus Films,