OUTsider Fest 2022: Unplugged

OUTsider Fest 2022: Unplugged, a transmedia LGBTQ+ festival based in Austin, TX


Event Details

February 16-20, 2022
The Vortex, 2307 Manor Rd #2135, Austin, TX 78722 & Virtual
Badges $49 – $109



In the stripped-down spirit of the back-to-basic “before-times,” this year OUTsider is taking a creative cue from the ‘90s underground: that time just prior to the digital deluge, when DIY was dope, handmade flyers were fly and crunk was queer as punk.



Cine Las Americas co-presents this program as a community sponsor of OUTsider Fest 2022: Unplugged. OUTsider is an Austin-based transmedia nonprofit that celebrates the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through the presentation of provocative, overlooked and out-of-the-box film, dance, theater, performance art, music, writing and visual art. Through its annual festival and conference, OUTsider unites queer artists, audiences and scholars from around the globe to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery.