imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

Cine Las Americas is proud to be a promotional sponsor for imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival


Inspired by teachings gifted to the imagineNATIVE staff by Grandmother Pauline Shirt, which laid the foundation for both their visual aesthetic and curatorial direction, this year’s imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival celebrates the relationship with the cosmos. It explores how we relate to the celestial world, and how our relationship to the sky is intertwined with our kinships here on earth. It invites us to consider the relational responsibilities we have to respect and care for all life on this “pale blue dot,” especially our Elders, little ones (children and youth), and our other-than-human kin (plants and animals).

The stars aligned beautifully, as many of the films in the Official Selection touch upon the Festival themes, visualizing Indigenous cosmologies, futurisms, the cycle of life, love, language revitalization, traditional ecological knowledge, medicine teachings, traditional making practices, and everything in-between.

Consisting of 19 feature films and over 100 short films curated into 13 programs, there is something for everyone!


Event Details

Toronto: October 18-23, 2022
Individual ticket: $10
In-person pass: $150

Online: October 24-30, 2022
Individual ticket: $6
Online pass: $50



imagineNATIVE is the world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content. The organization is recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for excellence and innovation in programming and as the global centre for Indigenous media arts. imagineNATIVE (legal entity: The Centre for Aboriginal Media) is a registered charity committed to creating a greater understanding of Indigenous peoples and cultures through the presentation of contemporary Indigenous-made media art including film, video, audio and digital media.