Presenting the Cine Las Americas 2020 Virtual Showcase

We are pleased to announce the film lineup for the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase presented by the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF) & the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC). Taking place on consecutive weekends, July 16-19 and July 23-26, the virtual event will present 49 films (7 features, 32 shorts, and 10 music videos) hailing from 12 different countries.

All films and videos presented in the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase are offered *FREE* of charge, with prior registration, and all will be eligible for Audience Awards in their respective categories.

How to View the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase

1) Visit the CLA2020 Schedule Page to browse titles with their dates and times, and click through for full details.

2) Visit the Cine Las Americas Xerb Channel and select the films you would like to watch, by clicking their “Register” button. You will receive an email with more details from the streaming site.

3) During each screening, Audience Award balloting information will be mailed to registrants. Keep an eye on your inbox to vote for winners!

4) If you have any questions regarding the CLA 2020 Virtual Showcase films, schedule, or ballots please email

5) If you have tech issues or need streaming customer support please email at or call 1-844-493-7288.

 For Press Release June 24, 2020, Click HERE.

 For CLA2020 Virtual Showcase list of selected titles, Click HERE.

For CLA2020 Virtual Showcase available schedule details, Click HERE.