OUTsider: Me and Mr. Mauri

OUTsider presents: Me and Mr. Mauri, directed by Dr. Osa Hidalgo de la Riva and Augie Robles 

Me and Mr. Mauri
Friday, February 16th, 2018, 6:00pm

2307 Manor Rd., Austin TX 78722
Tel. (512) 474-7886

When Hollywood finally added AIDS to its themes in the late 1980s, nearly all the protagonists were white. During that same time there were many people of color struggling with the deadly illness. Drawing from video interviews made in the 1990s, this uncommonly intimate documentary presents LatinX and Native American men and women confronting the disease. Trust and love become dominant themes in their lives as new families are forged from LGBTQ friendships. “We are alive now” becomes a mantra. Some (re)discover indigenous beliefs to sustain them on their journey. This archival project, decades in the making, reveals the pre-digital technology of 25 years ago — and the voices of warriors that are vitally important and must be heard. — Chale Nafus

This screening is followed by a special presentation at 7:30pm of BORN IN FLAMES with director Lizzie Borden in attendance. Lizzie Borden and BORN IN FLAMES will be honored this year with OUTsider’s Legacy Award. BORN IN FLAMES is a D.I.Y. feminist classic that reverberates resoundingly within the doom days of Trump, continuing to inspire dreams of intersectional insurrection and radical revolution.

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Cine Las Americas International Film Festival co-presents this program as a community sponsor of the 4th annual OUTsider Fest. OUTsider is an Austin-based transmedia nonprofit that celebrates the bold originality and creative nonconformity of the LGBTQ+ communities through the presentation of provocative, overlooked and out-of-the-box film, dance, theater, performance art, music, writing and visual art. Through its annual festival and conference, OUTsider unites queer artists, audiences and scholars from around the globe to exchange ideas, ignite conversations, transcend boundaries and experience new pleasures through artistic discovery. This year’s OUTsider Fest runs from Feb. 14-18, 2018.

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