AFS: Guerra Conjugal (Conjugal Warfare)

Austin Film Society presents: Guerra Conjugal (Conjugal Warfare), directed by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade

Brazil, 1974, Comedy, 93 min, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

Starring: Carlos Gregorio, Carmen Silva, Itala Nandi, Jofré Soares, Lima Duarte

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018, 7:30 PM
AFS Cinema
6406 N I-35 Suite 3100, Austin, TX 78752

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De Andrade takes aim at the Brazilian middle class by directing his camera at their bedrooms. This sex comedy is more than meets the eye. Modeled on the very popular pornochanchada trend of the time, de Andrade, as usual, is interested in the ways that attitudes about social class, race, and other factors are exposed in the arena of sex.

About the series Jungle Freaks: The Cinema Novo of Joaquim Pedro de Andrade
Joaquim Pedro de Andrade is one of the most important figures of Brazil’s Cinema Novo period and his film MACUNAIMA (aka JUNGLE FREAKS) helped to set the tone for this style of film that, much like its musical analogue, Tropicalia, gave the psychedelic and countercultural movements that were then sweeping the world a uniquely Brazilian beat. If you love John Waters’ and Lina Wertmuller’s approach to film narrative, we think you will enjoy these films.

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