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Diplomacia secreta / Secret Diplomacy

A film by Tomi Brotherus

Chile/Finland/Germany, Historical/Biographical Documentary, 2013
69 min, HD, Color/Black & White
Finnish, German, Spanish, Swedish with English subtitles

This film was screened as a part of the 2014 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF17)


Director Tomi Brotherus tells the story of his childhood  in Santiago de Chile, where his father worked as the head of the Finnish diplomatic mission from 1971 to 1976. After the overthrow of the democratically-elected socialist President Salvador Allende by the General Pinochet in 1973, the small Embassy of Finland was caught into the middle of a dangerous political storm. Brotherus’ father and other agents secretly helped Chileans escape the military junta to Finland, East Germany, and other countries. This documentary narrates from a child’s viewpoint the stories of the persecuted and those who helped them. DIPLOMACIA SECRETA is composed of personal recollections of everyday events, giving voice to individuals caught in extraordinary events.

International Premiere


About the director

Tomi Brotherus wBased in his native Finland, Tomi Brotherus has directed a number of documentaries, including O YE BARRA (1998) and HIT AND RUN PORTRAIT OF THE UNDERGROUND FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS OF HELSINKI. With his production company, 24h Enterprises, he also produced and directed the documentary, JIM THERAPY ON CROSSROADS (2011). He has also written and edited various films since 1984.


Producer: Tomi Brotherus
Production Companies: 24h Enterprises Ltd
Screenwriter: Tomi Brotherus
Cinematographer: Tim Hamalainen
Editor: Jussi Oroza, Tomi Brotherus, Tim Hamalainen
Sound Design: Tomi Brotherus
Music: Paul Houseman

Print Source: Tomi Brotherus – 24h Enterprises Ltd, info@24henterprises.com



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