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Atempa – Sueños a orillas del río / Atempa: Dreams by the River

A film by Edson Jair Caballero Trujillo

Mexico, Sexual Diversity Documentary, 2013
86 min, DV, Color
Zapotec, Spanish with English subtitles

This film was screened as a part of the 2014 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF17)


Tino want to achieve his dreams: to be a quinceañera and “muxe” Queen. As a homosexual child, he seeks to overcome his past and the social deprivation of the community where he was raised. This film is a portrait of San Blas Atempa told from the stories of three of its citizens, in an intimate trip to the interior of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. ATEMPA delves into Zapotec sex-gender identity and the role of the “muxe,” men who socially and sexually take feminine roles. Lost in the wild heel of Mexico, this is a dynamic community, where strong women and men dressed as ladies prevail. The film was screened at the Morelia International Film Festival in the fall of 2013, where it won the Klic Award for the Mexican Documentary Selection.

US Premiere
Co-presented by aGLIFF/Polari

About the director

Edson Caballero Trujillo wFilmmaker and photographer Edson Jair Caballero Trujillo comes from Mixtec roots in Oaxaca, Mexico. He has dedicated over 23 years to the visual arts, producing and directing documentary films with themes related to cultural identity and human rights. He is the director and producer of two documentaries: ATEMPA and El JUGLAR, and also works on various productions with directors abroad.


Producer: Edson Caballero Trujillo
Production Companies: Infratierra
Screenwriter: Edson Caballero Trujillo
Cinematographer: Edson Caballero Trujillo
Editor: Edson Caballero Trujillo, Luis Urrutia
Sound Design: Omar Juárez
Music: Atilano Morales Jiménez, Abel Jiménez Osorio, Mene Soto
Cast: Faustino Jiménez de la Cruz, Tino, Maira Jiménez Desales, Raciel Orozco Ortiz

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