El vendedor de orquídeas / The Orchid Seller

A film by Lorenzo Vigas

This film was screened as a part of the 2018 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF21)

With producer Michel Franco in attendance

This feature was preceded by the music video All Nations Rise




Venezuela/Mexico, Biographical Documentary, 2016
75 min, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Oswaldo Vigas, a renowned Venezuelan painter, returns, in his eighties, to the towns where he was raised, searching for a painting that was lost during his teenage years. If he finds it, he and his wife, Jeannine, will be able to complete an exhibition about the early stages of his career. This search becomes more than an opportunity to revisit the early influences on his art. During this exploration, he is confronted with a chapter of his youth that marked him for the rest of his life and defined him as a human being and as a creator. The search for the lost painting, EL VENDEDOR DE ORQUÍDEAS (THE ORCHID SELLER), allows us to discover the human side of one of the most influential artists of Latin America.

US Premiere


Lorenzo VigasLorenzo Vigas is the first Latin American to win the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival for his debut DESDE ALLA. While getting his Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, he moved to New York to attend filmmaking workshops at New York University. In 2004, his short film LOS ELEFANTES NUNCA OLVIDAN premiered at the Cannes International Critic’s Week. He presented in the Official Section of the 73rd Venice Film Festival the feature documentary EL VENDEDOR DE ORQUIDEAS about his father the Latin American artist Oswaldo Vigas.



Producer: Lorenzo Vigas, Adriana Ayala, Pedro Mezquita, Michel Franco
Production Companies: Malandro Films, Lucía Films
Screenwriter: Lorenzo Vigas
Cinematographer: Cezary Jaworski
Editor: Valentina Leduc Navarro
Sound Design: Waldir Xavier
Music: Leonardo Heiblum
Cast: Oswaldo Vigas, Jeannine Castés Vigas, Herman Vigas