A film by Sterlin Harjo

This film was screened as a part of the 2016 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF19)

With director Sterlin Harjo in Attendance; Q&A moderated by Cynthia Benitez (Smithsonian NMAI)



USA, Drama, 2015
84 min, Color
English, Mvskoke with English subtitles

MEKKO paints the portrait of a homeless Native American parolee in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As he struggles to find his way in the outside world after two decades behind bars, the titular Mekko discovers a chaotic, yet occasionally profound and beautiful community of impoverished natives. Bunnie, one of his old carousing buddies from his wilder youth, forms part of this group. Though Mekko finds some peace in this society that exists on the fringes of our modern world, he also uncovers a darkness that threatens to destroy it from within. After a tragic series of events, Mekko dedicates himself to a quest for revenge which he believes will cleanse the sickness from this collective of marginalized individuals, and perhaps atone for the sins that landed him in jail so many years ago.

Texas Premiere

About the director

Sterlin HarjoSterlin Harjo belongs to the Seminole and Creek Nations, and is a native of
Holdenville, Oklahoma. He studied at the University of Oklahoma and was a participant in the Sundance Institute’s Feature Film Program. His first feature, FOUR SHEETS TO THE WIND, premiered at Sundance, and his second feature, BARKING WATER, had a successful premiere at Sundance and screened at CLAIFF13. MEKKO has screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and won Best Film at the ImagineNative Film Festival in Toronto. He is also a founding member of the all Native comedy group the 1491s.



Producer: Jasper Zweibel, Chad Burris
Production Companies: Crazy Eagle Media, Indion Film
Screenwriter: Sterlin Harjo
Cinematographer: Shane Brown
Editor: Sterlin Harjo, Blackhorse Lowe, Matt Leach
Sound Design: Royce Sharp, Ryan Weaver
Music: Ryan Beveridge
Cast: Rod Rondeaux, Zahn McClarnon, Wotko Long, Sarah Podemski

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