Embarazados / We Are Pregnant

A film by Juana Macías

This film was screened as a part of the 2016 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF19)

Co-presented by Austin Film Festival




Spain, Comedy, 2016
103 min, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

At nearly 40, Alina and Fran have decided it is the right time to have children. Everything seems to be going your way: you want kids, have a job, you are still young … well that’s what they believe, but they soon discover that Fran’s semen is a mess and Alina’s eggs are about to expire. You go for in vitro fertilization, a long and uncertain treatment that begins with disagreements. Alina wants to stay the course until they are successful, while Fran is uncertain and ultimately happy with no children. Alina thinks about her future son and Fran thinks about his work project. Alina wants company, and Fran prefers to be alone. At the worst point in the middle of something that should unite them forever, Alina and Fran decide to separate. But life has reserved a twist for them.

Regional Premiere


About the director

Juana Macias EmbarazadosJuana Macías was nominated for a Best New Director Goya Award with her feature debut PLANS FOR TOMORROW, which won several awards. She has worked as a writer and director of documentaries, commercials and videoclips, and has been teaching directing, screen writing, and leading actors’ master classes at the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid. She is a member of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and is currently the Vice President of the Association of Women Filmmakers (CIMA).



Producer: Juan Moreno, Koldo Zuazua, Guillermo Sempere
Production Companies: Audiovisuales del Monte S.L., Kowalski Films, Teoponte P.C.
Screenwriter: Juana Macías, Anna R. Costa, Juan Moreno
Cinematographer: Guillermo Sempere
Editor: Juana Macías, María Macías
Sound Design: Fernando Pocostales, Urko Garai
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Cast: Paco León, Alexandra Jiménez, Ernesto Sevilla, Alberto Amarilla, Elisa Mouliaa, Iñaki Font, Ainhoa Aierbe, Goizalde Nuñez, Belén López, Elejalde

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