Jovens Infelizes ou Um Homem que Grita Não é Um Urso que Dança / Young and Miserable or a Man Screaming Is Not a Dancing Bear

A film by Thiago B. Mendonça

This film was screened as a part of the 2018 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF21)

This feature was preceded by the short film Macanao


Jovens Infelizes ou Um Homem que Grita Não é Um Urso que Dança


Brazil, Dark Comedy/Drama/Satire, 2016
127 min, Color/Black & White
Portuguese with English subtitles

“To start again, destruction is a must.” A group of artists test the borders between art and life. Combining theatre, music and performances in public spaces, they try to create a revolutionary consciousness. As the horizon narrows in a society that becomes more and more authoritarian, they feel impelled to look for the last and greatest aesthetic act. The movie is a metaphor of the contemporary Brazilian youth and their political horizon, inspired by an essay by Pier Paolo Pasolini and by the revolutionary poetry of Aimé Cesaire.

US Premiere


Thiago B. MendonçaThiago B. Mendonça is a director, scriptwriter, and editor. He joined the Zagaia Collective and directed the theater group Cia. Do Terror. He has been a screenwriter for Adirley Queirós (CEICINE) and Victor Furtado (ALUMBRAMENTO). His first feature film JOVENS INFELIZES OU UM HOMEM QUE GRITA NÃO É UM URSO QUE DANÇA was awarded Best Film at the Tiradentes Film Festival, received a prize for Best International Feature at the International Independent Film Festival Of Cosquin in Argentina, and won Best Feature at the Lisbon Film Festival.



Producer: Renata Jardim
Production Companies: Memória Viva Cinema
Screenwriter: Thiago B. Mendonça
Cinematographer: André Moncaio
Editor: Thiago B. Mendonça
Sound Design: Samuel Gambini
Music: Kiko Dinucci
Cast: Alex Rocha, Camila Urbano, Cel Oliveira, Clarissa Mose, Ieltxu Ortueta Martins, Rafaela Penteado, Renan Rovida

Print Source: Kino Rebelde,