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A film by Inês Oliveira

Portugal, Drama/Family Drama, 2013
80 min, Digital, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

This film was screened as a part of the 2014 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF17)


Sofia lives alone in the dusty old Lisbon apartment where she grew up. She never goes out but to work and back. And no one ever visits—until Mariama arrives on her doorstep from Guinea-Bissau. Sofia’s mother has sent her to help take care of the house, Sofia, and her son. But except for Sofia, the house seems deserted. When Mariama’s young sister Bobô arrives, she begins to draw Sofia out of her shell. Meanwhile, behind her resolute smile, Mariama lives in fear of her grandmother, who sees it as her duty to take Bobô through an ancient rite of passage. Each in her own way, Sofia and Mariama come to move in concert as they confront their demons. BOBÔ has screened to enthusiastic audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival, IndieLisboa, and the Stockholm Film Festival.

Regional Premiere

About the director

Ines Oliveira wInês Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1976. Her first film as a director was the short NAMES AND NUMBERS (2003), a Best Short Film award winner at the Vila do Conde Film Festival and the Nouveaux Cinema et Nouveaux Medias, among others. In 2008, she directed her first feature CINERAMA. The film was shown in festivals world wide before being released commercially in 2010. BOBÔ is Inês’ second feature film.


Producer: Fernando Vendrell, Luís Alvarães
Production Companies: David & Golias
Screenwriter: Rita Benis, Inês Oliveira
Cinematographer: Daniel Neves
Editor: Patrícia Saramago, Inês Oliveira, Rui Mourão
Sound Design: Raquel Jacinto, Hugo Leitão, Vladan Nedeljkov, Vasco Pimentel, Aleksandra Stojanovic, Ève Corrêa-Guedes
Cast: Aissato Indjai, Ângelo Torres, Bia Gomes, Luana Quadé, Maria João Luís, Nuno Gabriel Melo, Paula Garcia, Ricardo Aibéo

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