Videos Musicales

This film series was screened as a part of the 2019 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF22)

DJ sets by Chulita Vinyl Club

CLAIFF Music Videos in Competition / Screening Order

Cine Las Americas presents five music videos in competition, eligible for an audience award for Best Music Video. Attend and Vote!



Arturo Segoviano
Music by: Chhoti Maa
3 min, Color, Mexico/USA, 2018
Spanish, Spanglish

ATIZA is the first visual from Chhoti Maa’s second studio album, Caldo de Hueso, which has the energy of fire. ATIZA discusses the current wildfires in the Mission and across CA. Meditating on how some fires are caused by the climate change, while others appear to be connected to the gentrification of migrant and poc spaces. This is Chhoti Maa’s fourth collaboration with her best friend Arturo Segovia, this film also had the artistic direction of Chhoti’s sister, La Pipol.

Regional Premiere

Print Source: Chhoti Maa,

La Victoria
Lido Pimienta, Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea
Music by: Chancha Via Circuito featuring Lido Pimienta and Manu Ranks
4 min, Color, Canada/Colombia, 2018

Official music video for La Victoria by Chancha Via Circuito featuring Lido Pimienta and Manu Ranks.

Festival Premiere,,

Print Source: Kelp Management,

Por encima (Above Mountains)
Camilo Iguarán, Liliana Conde Sierra
Music by: MAKU Soundsystem
5 min, Color/Black & White, Colombia/USA, 2018

Tatiana and Carmen, two lesbian women who suffered through the pain of the armed conflict in Colombia, live as memories and bodies in a constant struggle to reconnect and co-exist in the mountain, which was once their earthly place.

International Premiere

Print Source: Liliana Conde Sierra,

Caitlin Díaz
Music by: Sávila
4 min, Color, USA, 2018
Spanish, English

Music video for the Portland, Oregon based band Sávila. Shot at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

World Premiere

Print Source: Caitlin Díaz,

Una Casita (A Little Home)
Tatiana del Fuego
Music by: STEFA*
4 min, Color, USA, 2019

UNA CASITA shows STEFA* living a day in her dream space: a world of radical softness. She boils eucalyptus, dances to Fania salsa records, and reads Octavia Butler. A dream and a manifestation, STEFA* hopes we can all find the home of our dreams where we are free to exist without shame.

Austin Premiere

Print Source: Stefa Marin Alarcon,


CLAIFF + Oro Pictures Copresented Music Videos / Screening Order
With director Hugo Rubiano in attendance


La sombra
Hugo Rubiano
Music by: Monsieur Periné
4 min, Color, Colombia, 2019

International Premiere

Consumed by the pain of having lost her heart to a failed relationship, Sofia decides to retrieve it through meditation, through which she will find her self again and be reborn.

All I Can Say
Hugo Rubiano
Music by: Tempe
5 min, Color, Colombia, 2018


International Premiere

After losing his love, Efraín searches for her in his memories, only to find himself repeating the same moment in a loop. This time, she has a message for him.

Hugo Rubiano
Music by: Juan Pablo Vega
3 min, Color, Colombia, 2018

International Premiere

Good times between friends are always the most honest.

Hoy para siempre
Hugo Rubiano
Music by: Los Rolling Ruanas featuring Catalina García
5 min, Color, Colombia, 2018

International Premiere

Four warriors reunite with their mother at the mouth of the Azufral volcano.


Print Source for Oro Pictures: Hugo Rubiano,