Videos Musicales

9:00pm Doors
DJ sets by Chulita Vinyl Club
10:30pm CLAIFF Music Videos in Competition
11:00pm CLAIFF + @stereosonico Co-presented Videos
FREE and Open to the Public

CLAIFF Music Videos in Competition / Screening Order

Cine Las Americas presents five music videos in competition, eligible for an audience award for Best Music Video. Attend and Vote!



Black Lipstick
Bernabé Bolaños
Music by: Chicano Batman
4 min, Color, USA, 2016

2,000 individual frames, each one rigorously hand colored, cut, and scanned, bring the video’s animated sequences to life.

World Premiere

Print Source: Bernabé Bolaños,

Shireen Alihaji
Music by: Quitapenas
3 min, Color, USA, 2018

An ode to workers and their struggles for rights.

Austin Premiere,

Print Source: Michael Beserra,

Sobrenatural (Supernatural)
Vadim Lasca
Music by: Jassiel
4 min, Color/Black and White, Venezuela, 2018

SOBRENATURAL narrates Jassiel’s dreams where he is rejected again and again by the woman he loves.

World Premiere

Print Source: Vadim Lasca,

Juanchi González
Music by: Bairoa
4 min, Color, Puerto Rico, 2017

BARLOVENTO is inspired by the imagery of bodegones from the Santería tradition. Post Hurricane María, BARLOVENTO evolves to be a beacon of hope for a better future for cultural production in the island.

International Premiere,

Print Source: Artok,

No Regreso
Hugo Rubiano
Music by: Combo Chimbita
6 min, Color, USA/Colombia, 2016

For a thousand consecutive nights the ghettos of Abya Yala vibrate. Everyone saw the jaguar. Every night they touched it. They are not the same anymore.

World Premiere

Print Source: Stephanie Orentas,


CLAIFF + @stereosonico Co-presented Videos / Screening Order

StereoSonique, Storytelling Factory, committed to the creation of stories. We offer full service on the development and production of audiovisual content, devoted to drive our audience to catharsis. Our specialty is to develop new transmedia formats: film, television, digital, multimedia, wherever you see a screen… we are there!


Vía Láctea
Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante, Stacy Perskie
Music by: Zoe
4 min, Color, Mexico, 2006

Memories are the only thing left for a young man from the Milky Way who once knew a beautiful earthly girl.

Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante, Stacy Perskie
Music by: Subdivision
3 min, Color, Mexico, 2006

A boy searches for the perfect tools to build his own spaceship and travel to space.

Como quisiera
Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante
Music by: MonteNegro
4 min, Color, USA, 2010

Energetic images of the band playing.

Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante
Music by: Matisse
4 min, Color, Mexico, 2017

A man misses his girlfriend with an unusual and surprise ending.

Back Again
Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante
Music by: Lemarroy
3 min, Color, Mexico, 2018

A choreographic video with lights, astronauts, and an LED screen.