Music Videos in Competition

CLAIFF Music Videos in Competition

Screening as part of the evening VIDEOS MUSICALES

The North Door
Friday, May 6th, 2016

Free for CLAIFF19 Badge and Pass Holders
$5 Cover for general public
Open to ages 18+

Doors open and full program begins at 9:00pm


CLAIFF Music Videos in Competition at 10:00pm

Ella Ella (Her)
Shireen Alihaji

Music by: El-Haru Kuroi
4 min, Color, USA, 2015
Spanish with English subtitles

ELLA pays homage to working class women, whose jobs are to look after, provide care, and even raise other peoples children, as well as being responsible for general house cleaning and maintenance for their own families.

Texas Premiere
Print Source: El-Haru Kuroi,

Mel-ge-gi-nut epit Mel ge’ gi’ nut Epit (Strong Woman Song)
Naomi Condo

Music by: Francis Desroches, Melissa Girvan, Naomi Condo
5 min, Color, Canada, 2015

The Strong Woman Song has been revamped to grab the attention of our younger generations to draw attention and awareness to the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women. The video highlights young Mikmaq women from Gesgapegiag.

World Premiere
Print Source: Christian Morissette,

Mi-Encuentro Mi encuentro (Found)
Angela Rosales Challis

Music by: Los Hermanos de los Andes
4 min, Color, Bolivia, 2015

Filmed on a 16mm Bolex in Cochabamba, Bolivia, MI ENCUENTRO uses colorful double exposure to highlight creative choreography.

Regional Premiere
Print Source: Angela Rosales Challis,

Strut Strut
Destiny Mata

Music by: Pink Leche
3 min, Color, USA, 2015

With strutting, a dancing skeleton, giant silver ponchos, and pink streamers everywhere, Strut gives us a peek into a typical night out with Pink Leche!

Austin Premiere
Print Source: Destiny Mata,

This-Cannot-Be This Cannot Be
Michael Beserra

Music by: Irene Diaz
5 min, Color, USA, 2016

Two high school girls develop feelings for each other and negotiate young love, heart break, and family expectations.

Regional Premiere
Print Source: Elefante Collective,

Valle Moreno 01 Valle Moreno (Inland Empire)
Deladeso, Jacbo Maschill

5 min, Color, USA, 2015

An oasis of palm trees and cactus deserts mix with lo-fi vibes to make the perfect summer music video.

Texas Premiere,
Print Source: Richie Velazquez, Jesse Carranza – grimehaus,