El pintor de Verónicas / The Veronica’s Artist

A film by Oswaldo Toledano

Mexico, Art/Religion/Documentary, 2012
26 min, HD, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

This film was screened as a part of the 2014 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF17)

This short film preceded the screening of the feature Digna Guerra


There are no portraits of Jesus of Nazareth, apart from the spectral face left by sweat and blood on Veronica’s robe. Her name was her destiny. Veronica, vere ikon, the true picture. Julian Pablo is a passionate artist who seems to discover in Christ’s face the mystery of the divine, and does so with the talent of a filmmaker, the passion of a priest and the aesthetics of a painter. EL PINTOR DE VERONICAS  has screened internationally and all over Mexico – most recently in the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

US Premiere


Print Source: Mariana Sobrino, mariana@elccc.com.mx


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