La Violencia: The Untold Truths of Guatemala

A film by Pia Janning, Til Frohlich

This film was screened as a part of the 2015 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF18)


Ireland/Guatemala, Human Rights/Historical Documentary, 2014
69 min, HDV, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles

LA VIOLENCIA documents the lives of indigenous Mayan women of Guatemala. Guatemala is explored from its violent history to its current fragile state through the personal stories of indigenous women and activists, and is narrated by acclaimed actor Aidan Gillen. Guatemala’s armed conflict tore the country apart for 36 years, claiming the lives of over 200,000 women, men and children. In 2013 Guatemala became the first country in history to put its former head of state on trial for genocide in a domestic court. The accused is General Rios Montt, who ruled the country during the most brutal period of the armed conflict, known as La Violencia. The trial has been marred by outside pressure from the powerful elite and has pushed the justice system to its limits.

Regional Premiere

About the director

- DirectorPia Janning has worked as Human Rights Officer in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and as the Legal Officer for Amnesty International Ireland. Pia currently works with the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.

- DirectorTil Frohlich works in the Irish film and television industry. Over the past year he worked predominantly as an Art Director on feature films, including MY NAME IS EMILY and THE SECRET SCRIPTURE. 


Producer: Til Frohlich, Pia Janning
Production Companies: Bold Puppy
Screenwriter: Pia Janning, Til Frohlich
Cinematographer: Luke Daly
Editor: James Murphy
Sound Design: Luke Daly, Til Frohlich
Music: David Prendergast
Narrator: Aidan Gillen

Print Source: Pia Janning,