Beneath the Blindfold

Beneath the Blindfold

A film by Ines Sommer, Kathy Berger

USA, Human Rights/Social Issue Documentary, 2012
55 min, HDV, Color
Spanish, English with English, Spanish subtitles

This film was screened as a part of the 2014 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF17)


Four survivors, one truth: this should not happen to anyone. Where are the voices of torture survivors? In a time when fictionalized accounts in Hollywood films like ZERO DARK THIRTY dominate the public’s understanding of torture, BENEATH THE BLINDFOLD reveals the reality of life after torture. Four survivors from around the globe face the psychological and physical fallout from their experience, while going through the daunting steps of building new lives, careers, relationships and rekindling agency and hope. Championed for its unflinching look at the consequences of torture through the eyes of survivors, the film has been part of the Official Selection at the Global Peace Film Festival, the United Nations Association Film Festival, and the Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival.

Regional Premiere

About the directors

Ines Sommer Kathy Berger wInes Sommer is a Chicago-based filmmaker. Her films range from the feature-length experimental narrative GHOST CITIES to her short documentary DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. She is the Executive Director of Percolator Films.

A filmmaker and curator, Kathy Berger co-directed THE GARIFUNA JOURNEY, an anthropological documentary which received the Intangible Heritage of Humanity Award. She currently serves as Percolator Films’ President.


Producer: Ines Sommer, Kathy Berger
Cinematographer: Ines Sommer
Editor: David Simpson

Print Source: Ines Sommer,


Beneath the Blindfold