Three children with long black hair and bangs are shy but giggling.


River Silence

A film by Rogério Soares


Brazil/Canada, 2019
Documentary/Human Rights
90 min, Color
Brazilian Portuguese, English subtitles

A poetic journey alongside four women, River Silence is witness to the human and environmental cost of a large-scale development in Brazil’s Amazon basin. The Belo Monte hydroelectric dam is but one of many scheduled to be built in Brazil—and the characters we meet represent thousands of similarly displaced women, men and children.

Texas Premiere


Director’s Bio

For Montreal-based filmmaker Rogério Soares, the Amazon is his soul home: “it is a kind of spiritual home to me, a place that never stops feeding my imagination and shaping my values.” He first moved to the Amazon at the age of 18 after hearing his father’s many tales of endless rivers as big as the sea. Rogério’s deep love and understanding of the Amazon’s fragility and complexity, as well as its people, is at the heart of River Silence and the family stories he followed over three years. He has previously directed documentaries in the region for Al-Jazeera (USA) and TV Cultura (Brazil). River Silence is Rogério’s first feature documentary.



Producer: Nicolás Grosso, Juan Villegas, Celina Murga
Production Companies: EyeSteelFilm, The National Film Board of Canada
Screenwriter: Rogério Soares
Cinematographer: Glauco Bermudez, Aldo Oviedo Tejo
Editor: Ryan Mullins
Sound Design: Catherine Van Der Donckt, Benoît Dame, Jeremie Jones
Music: Nicole Lizée
Principal Cast: Raimunda Gomes da Silva, Tamakwera Parakanã, Karliane Lopes de Souza, Francinete Pinto Novaes, Ana Paula Pinto Novaes


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