A youth plays guitar over a beautiful green landscape.


Rez Metal

A film by Ashkan Soltani Stone


United States/Denmark, 2021
76 min, Color

Rez Metal follows the Navajo heavy metal band I DONT KONFORM’s remarkable journey from performing on poverty-stricken reservations to recording their debut album with Grammy-award winner producer of Metallica while telling the compelling story of the thriving heavy metal scene on the Navajo reservations.

Texas Premiere


Director’s Bio

Ashkan Soltani Stone is an Iranian-American director and producer. In his films, Soltani explores a wide range of topics such as affordable housing, immigrant workers, indigenous land rights, and subversive music. His films are known for their humanistic perspective on the social issue and the hardships of the impoverished, and underrepresented.



Producer: Ashkan Soltani Stone
Production Companies: AKS MEDIA
Screenwriter: Ashkan Soltani Stone, Natale Zappia
Cinematographer: Ashkan Soltani Stone, Daniel J. Sanda
Editor: Jack Kamyab
Sound Design: Shahin Poordadashi
Music: Kyle Felter, Craig Matarrese


Print Source: Ashkan Soltani Stone,