Close-up archival photo boy with serious expression.



A film by Sam Zubrycki


Colombia/Puerto Rico/United States, 2019
95 min, Color/Black & White
Spanish, English; English subtitles

In 1973 by pure chance, the eleven-year-old Miguelito was discovered singing in the San Juan airport by the legendary New York record producer Harvey Averne. Within the year he went from the slums of Manuel A Perez to recording an album with some of the finest salsa musicians of the time to finally performing with Eddie Palmieri at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 people. And then he simply disappeared. His rise to fame was ephemeral but no less unforgettable and to his fans, his disappearance remains a myth. Featuring performances from Papo Lucca’s La Sonora Poncena, Nelson Feliciano, Maximo Torres, Malo Malo, and many others, Miguelito is a film that celebrates the musical and cultural depth of the Caribbean as well as revealing a story of a once-forgotten ‘Salsero’ whose album became a cult classic in a country far from his own.

Texas Premiere


Director’s Bio

Sam Zubrycki is a filmmaker, musician and DJ who has been working in the arts industry for over fifteen years. He has been involved in a range of local and international productions that have led to an array of collaborations with artists from around the world. Sam’s first short documentary ‘L’Artigiano ‘was selected for competition at the Antenna Documentary Film Festival, Sydney, Australia.



Producer: Sam Zubrycki
Production Companies: JOTZ Productions
Screenwriter: Sam Zubrycki
Cinematographer: Hanley Zheng, Alexandra Nikolchev, Rhett Lee Garcia, Sam Zubrycki
Editor: Rolando Olalia, Sam Zubrycki
Sound Design: David McCarthy
Principal Cast: Miguelito, Harvey Averne