Woman wears beautiful traditional attire. Nature surrounds her.


La Frontera // The Border

A film by David David





Two women appear shocked outside their home. One wears a bath towel and the other is holding a plastic container.



Colombia, 2019
Drama/Social Issues
90 min, Color
Spanish, English subtitles

Amid a political crisis, on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, an Andean woman, her husband, and brother live on looting travelers. However, fate pushes her to the brink of illusion and getting lost in mysterious dreams.


Austin Premiere


Director’s Bio

Storyteller from Barranquilla, winner of multiple artistic grants that have taken David David to events like Berlinale, FICCI and San Sebastian Film Festival. He has made six short films and one feature film: ‘The Border’ which premiered in the international competition of Cairo Film Festival (Egypt), and won four awards at the Festival de Cinema de Gramado (Brazil) including Best international feature film and Best screenplay.



Producer: David David
Production Companies: Garabato Cine
Screenwriter: David David
Cinematographer: Iván Molina
Editor: David David
Sound Design: Daniel Najar
Music: Oliver Camargo, Jorge Gómez
Principal Cast: Daylín Vega Moreno, Alejandro Aguilar, Nelson Camayo, Sheila Monterola, Yull Núñez


Print Source: Carolina David,