A film by Louise Heem



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France/Paraguay, 2021
71 min, Color
English, Spanish, French, Guarani; English subtitles

Juan was adopted in Paraguay in 1987 when he was a few months old. He’s been living in the North of France since then. He’s been thinking since his adolescence to go back to his native country in order to look for his biological mother. After numerous doubts due to his fear that his mother might refuse to see him, Juan finally decided to look for her. Thirty years after his arrival in France, he flies to Asunción with his cousin Louise.

US Premiere


Director’s Bio

Louise Heem is an interpreter, actress, and director. Former language teacher and protection officer in charge of the instruction of asylum requests, she’s lived in about 50 countries and volunteered in refugee camps. She started her international career in theatre in 2007, and in film in 2011. El día de la virgen (2016), her first short-film was screened in 33 countries and rewarded in 4 festivals.



Producer: Louise Heem
Production Companies: J’aime ce garçon
Screenwriter: Louise Heem
Cinematographer: Sabrina Nehmar, Pascual Glauser
Editor: José Salazar
Sound Design: Nassim El Mounabbih
Music: Lionel Fabert, The stormz


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