Two people embrace in a dim lit room with red curtains.



A film by Nadia Benedicto


Argentina, 2021
77 min, Color
Spanish, English subtitles

We’re in the middle of nowhere and with my half-dead boyfriend stuck in there. -‘My boyfriend’? You call that piece of shit ‘my boyfriend’?! Helena and Kira argue on the side of the road. They don’t have a destination in mind, they don’t have a plan to follow. The journey unveils itself mile by mile, a journey that soon becomes a ritual.

World Premiere


Director’s Bio

Film director, screenwriter and producer. Nadia Benedicto’s work addresses female universes from a fictional narrative marked by the use of dreamlike and surreal resources. Her films have been screened at the Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF, Santa Barbara IFF, London Feminist Film Festival, Asterisco LGBTIQ+ International Film Festival, Punta del Este IFF and Mar del Plata IFF, among others. “Interlude”, her debut film, is part of the program “Violet Glasses, cinema with a gender perspective” carried out by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina. “Hékate” is her second feature film and has recently been completed. Graduated from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. She specialized in Script and Audiovisual Narrative Structures with Luisa Irene Ickowicz. She is currently working on the development of her third feature film.



Producer: Nadia Benedicto
Production Companies: Proyecto Águila Cine
Screenwriter: Nadia Benedicto
Cinematographer: Cecilia Tasso
Editor: Sabrina Gazzaneo
Sound Design: Virginia Scaro, Gonzalo Komel
Music: Lucy Patané
Principal Cast: Sabrina Macchi , Rosario Varela , Federico Liss, Julieta Brito


Print Source: Santa Cine,