Emergencia Youth Film Competition

As a celebration of filmmakers on the rise, the Emergencia Youth Film Competition represents a special section of the festival showcasing works by filmmakers 19 years of age or younger. The lineup represents a selection of fourteen titles from the USA and abroad. The films are eligible for an audience award for “Best Emergencia Youth Film.”


Recommended “All Ages”

A Mexican at USC

A film by Emilano Torres

4 min, Documentary, United States, 2020

A young man tells the story of his dad attending USC as an undocumented immigrant and the challenges he faced along the way, but that didn’t stop him from graduating from there.

First Time Out

A film by Alex Sosa

4 min, Drama, United States, 2021

When a vision-impaired college freshman student reminisces about his first time out with a roommate, he learns that he can also have a normal life. Only to discover that his biggest fear has come true, and he must fight for his happiness.

Al recuerdo y al olvido // To Memory and to Oblivion

A film by Clara Dalmao

7 min, Drama, Uruguay, 2020

After returning from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Abel meets a harsher reality than the one he has been through; Elena didn’t survive. In an attempt to keep her alive in his memory, he begins writing her letters.


A film by Samira Barragan

6 min, Documentary, United States, 2020

A young woman reflects on how gentrification has changed her neighborhood and wiped out the people who have worked there and lived there for years.

El Vals del Tiempo // The Waltz Of Time

A film by Mario Martínez Sáenz

9 min, Drama, Spain, 2021

An old man escapes from the nursing home and appears lost in the middle of the pasture. Near a tree, he begins to waltz to the rhythm of his memories.

Meu diário no fim do mundo: edição futebol // My diary at the end of the world: Football Edition

A film by Beatriz Figueira Velloso

10 min, Dramedy, Brazil, 2020

Surviving the end of the world can be a difficult task, but Marisbela, Nicole and now with Alice too, saw how to have fun at a football match (even with the world falling apart).

Ni Yankwik Xinachtli

A film by Axayacatzi Kuauhtzin

5 min, Documentary, United States, 2020

A film of Indigenous generational knowledge on medicinal plants and alternative medicine and how the seed is reflective of the person and the prayer of the universe.

A United Nations Experience

A film by Malinalli Perez

7 min, Documentary United States, 2020

A young woman lends insight on her sister’s experience of traveling to New York City and attending one of the biggest indigenous United Nations conferences and how it changed her sister’s life. As a 16-year-old participant in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with her school, she soon realized that many indigenous communities across the globe face a lot of similar obstacles and challenges within their communities.


A film by Aiden Cumming Teicher

3 min, Music Video, Canada, 2021

Sometimes people come into your life and show you what love is all about. Whether they are partners, mentors or chosen family, they are the people that give you hope and help you through to better days. So I guess this is a love song for all the people that have made a difference in my life, and made me a better human being.

Filters of Life

A film by Angelica Rubio

4 min, Documentary, United States, 2020

Living in a two-bedroom home with 2 different families, filmmaker Angelica Rubio embarks on a path to understand family dynamics, vulnerability, and personhood. This film documents that journey as well as what she discovers along the way.

Intolerancia // Intolerance

A film by Jaime Vicent Carmona

3 min, Drama, Spain, 2021

From childhood to senectitude we photograph the reality of human beings when faced with the abyss, uncertainty and survival. No one is free from suspicion. We are all guilty and innocent at the same time. What is happening inside of us? Why are we like this? Where are the limits? Good and evil look at each other in the mirror.

Nuestro Rostro // Our Face

A film by Damaris Calderon

3 min, Documentary, United States, 2020

Our faces are our faces. They can be a reflection of our artistic skills and interest. Regardless of how you identify yourself, your face will always be a canvas to artistically express yourself.


Recommended “Ages 14+”

Tacones // Heels

A film by Juan Castro

6 min, Horror, Spain, 2020

The terrifying journey of a girl after leaving a party until she arrives home. A story that relates what women feel day by day on the streets.

La Última Fiesta // The Last Celebration

A film by Adrián Ramos

17 min, Drama, Mexico, 2020

The patron saint festivities are the most important celebration of the year.