Man sits sprawled out on the sidewalk next to a yellow fire hydrant.


De la Noche a la Mañana // Overnight

A film by Manuel Ferrari


Argentina/Chile, 2020
88 min, Color
Spanish, English subtitles

Ignacio, a 37-year-old architect, lives an ordinary life in Buenos Aires. When his girlfriend announces she is pregnant a great weight falls upon his shoulders, as his independent life seems to vanish right before his eyes. In an attempt both casual and somehow desperate, Ignacio embarks on a trip to Valparaíso. Under the pretext of a seminar that is meant to last only a few days, a new life begins to take shape for him with greater success than ever imagined. All of a sudden he starts considering leaving behind his life in Argentina and starting over in Chile. This is the story of an unwanted escape and a life-changing decision that only Ignacio would witness.

Regional Premiere


Director’s Bio

Born in La Plata, Argentina in 1981. Director, script writer and producer. His films were screened in Rotterdam, Viennale, FidMarseille, Mar del Plata among many other festivals. He has been the editor for more than fifteen films. He is a film professor and programmer for Talents Buenos Aires.



Producer: Nicolás Grosso, Juan Villegas, Celina Murga
Production Companies: Le tiro Cine, Lucho Films, Tresmil mundos cine
Screenwriter: Manuel Ferrari, Gabriel Medina, Rodrigo Muñoz Galvez
Cinematographer: Fernando Lockett
Editor: Andrés Quaranta
Sound Design: Francisco Pedemonte
Principal Cast: Esteban Menis, Manuel Martelli, Alejandro Goic


Print Source: Manuel Ferrari,