The Man Who Saw Too Much

A film by Trisha Ziff

This film was screened as a part of the 2016 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF19)

This film was presented as part of the Ambulante Showcase



Mexico, Biography/Documentary, 2015
89 min, Color/Black & White
English, Spanish with English subtitles

THE MAN WHO SAW TOO MUCH is a film about Metinides, a man obsessed with photographing accidents. First taking photographs of simple car accidents, Metinides soon graduated to the more macabre. From the age of nine, his images would be published daily on the front pages of Mexico City’s tabloids. Tracing Metinides’ footsteps and the work of contemporary tabloid photography, we discover Mexico City, mediated through the narrative of accidents and crime scenes. These layers of movement revolve around the still world of the photographer’s home that has become its own archive, housing the memories of his past: collections of albums categorizing disaster images from all over the world. The more we try to understand him and acknowledge our own compelling fascination with accidents, the more we realize that we too are being lured into the Metinides Gaze.

Regional Premiere

About the director

- DirectorTrisha Ziff is the director of various documentaries, including OAXACALIFORNIA and LA MALETA MEXICANA, the latter of which screened at CLAIFF15. She is currently working on several projects including RETURN TO OAXACALIFORNIA, a film about generations and identity and being Mexican in America. Trisha teaches film and media studies and guest lectures at universities in the U.S., Mexico, and Europe.



Producer: Trisha Ziff, Alan Suárez
Production Companies: 212 BERLIN FILMS
Screenwriter: Trisha Ziff
Cinematographer: Felipe Pérez Burchard
Editor: Pedro G. García
Sound Design: Pablo Lach
Music: Jacobo Lieberman
Cast: Enrique Metinides, Dan Gilroy, Pedro Meyer, Michael Nyman

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