Llévate mis amores / All of Me

A film by Arturo González Villaseñor

This film was screened as a part of the 2016 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF19)

This film was presented as part of the Ambulante Showcase



Mexico, Biography/Human Rights Documentary, 2014
90 min , Color
Spanish with English subtitles

The thousands of people who cross Mexico on the back of the train used by migrants to reach the US, “La Bestia,” are exposed to many dangers along their journey. But there is a group of Mexican women, “Las Patronas,” who, every day since 1995, prepare food to throw to the unprotected people atop the train as it goes by. This documentary is an intimate look and personal diary that traces the border between the life Las Patronas were given and the life they chose. In the middle of a country at war, in a world where hope appears to be lost, Las Patronas rescue a diminishing human trait: love.

Texas Premiere

About the director

ArturoGonzalezVillasenorArturo González Villaseñor studied Social Communication at UAM-X (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana), with a major in Public Politics. In 2013 he founded Acanto Films, a production company for films and artistic events. Currently, he writes film reviews for the Revista Proceso.



Producer: Indira Cato
Production Companies: Acanto Films, Pimienta Films, UAM-X
Cinematographer: Juan Antonio Mecalco Cruz
Editor: Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé
Sound Design: Rodrigo Villanueva Sánchez, Lena Esquenazi
Music: Muna Zul
Cast: María Karina Aguilar Romero, Bernarda Romero Vásquez, Daniela Romero Huerta, Guadalupe González Herrera, Leonila Vásquez Alvizar, Lorena Aguilar Hernández, María Antonia Romero Vásquez, Norma Romero Vásquez, Rosa Romero Vásquez

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