Narrative Shorts Competition

Narrative Short Film Competition


These films were screened as a part of the CLA2020 Virtual Showcase


Showcase Screening Order
Little Chief

Little Chief
Erica Tremblay
United States, Drama, 2020
12 min, Color

The lives of a Native woman and nine-year-old boy intersect over the course of a school day on a reservation in Oklahoma.

Print Source: Erica Tremblay,

Lugar Algum

Lugar Algum | No Place
Gabriel Amaral
Brazil, Drama, 2019
23 min, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

When Nego discovers that the cacau farm he lives and works on is going to be sold, he must face not only the loss of his home and job, but also the daily contact he has with the land he cherishes so much.

Print Source: Markus Kaatsch,


Kim Elizondo Navarro
Cuba, Drama, 2020
13 min, Black & White
Spanish with English subtitles

After a long life as a faithful housewife, Cuca (70) faces the death of her husband. The news brings with it the arrival of family and neighbors to her home, forcing her to pause her mourning and attend to the formality of the event. After the rituals, in the privacy of her room, Cuca is shaken by the absence of her husband and faces her solitude for the first time.

Print Source: Gabriela Fonseca Villalobos,

The History of Monsters

The History of Monsters
Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz
United States, Horror/Drama, 2019
20 min, Color

Haunted every night by monsters of unknown origin, an isolated woman finds a stranger in the woods and struggles between her safety and her sexual desires.

Print Source: Juan Pablo Arias Muñoz,

Zapatos de Tacón Cubano

Zapatos de Tacón Cubano | Cuban Heel Shoes
Julio Mas Alcaraz
Spain, Drama, 2019
17 min, Black & White
Spanish with English subtitles

Paco and Jose are two teenage boys living in a marginal neighborhood of Madrid, a place hostile to each of their dreams. With serious family problems, and surrounded by an aggressive, macho, homophobic environment, they must lead a double life to hide the beginning of a romantic relationship and their passion for flamenco dance.

Print Source: Cristina Moreno,