Asolagados / Flooded

A film by David Vázquez Vázquez

This film was screened as a part of the 2015 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF18)


Spain, Historical/Environmental Documentary, 2013
60 min, HD, Color
Gallego with English subtitles

ASOLAGADOS is a documentary about the people and villages of Abideira, Porto, Castro Candaz, Santa Marta, Pincelo, Ponte Fortes, A Samugueira, San Paio, Mourulle, Portomeñe, A Hermida, Ribó, among others, which were flooded out by the Belesar reservoir in 1963. We hear the sounds of the Ribeira Sacra and Miño rivers; we see the remains of houses, ovens, wine cellars, trees. But most importantly we are presented with the testimonies of 10 people that lived in these villages before the man-made flood.

North American Premiere,

About the director

- DirectorDavid Vázquez Vázquez has worked at Chantada Comunicación as a producer and for local television channels since 1998. He worked as the chief audio technician and sound technician at CEV in Madrid. He has a Master’s in film, video and television production from the Fundación Iberoaemericana at the University of Barcelona. In 2009, he directed the narrative short, AS ALMAS DO FENTAL, which was a winner at the Festival de Cine Rural de Dos Torres.



Producer: Cristina López
Production Companies: Asociación Educativo Cultural Airoá Comunicación
Televinte Chantada
Screenwriter: Afonso Eiré
Cinematographer: Humberto Novoa
Editor: David Vázquez Vázquez
Sound Design: Luis Linares
Music: Chechu Carballido, A Quenlla

Print Source: David Vázquez Vázquez,