3 Magalys

A film by Frédéric Julien

This film was screened as a part of the 2017 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF20)

3 Magalys


Bolivia/Canada, Biographical/Social Issue Documentary, 2017
54 min, Color
English, Spanish with English subtitles

Haunted by a painful family secret and anxious to escape her mother’s fate, a young indigenous journalist makes a short film to break the silence and to free herself from her family legacy of violence and oppression. But as she begins to share the film and confront more relatives with the truth, she still hesitates to pass on her story to her daughter for fear of traumatizing her. 3 MAGALYS offers an homage to indigenous resilience in Bolivia, underscoring the healing power of cinema.

US Premiere

About the director

Frédéric JulienA graduate of the University of Quebec in Montreal’s Media School and Mexico City’s Laboratorio de Arte Visual, Frédéric Julien has worked over ten years in documentary filmmaking. He directed WATER DISCOURSES and was co-screenwriter for the feature film TRACING ARTHUR. He has also worked as a filmmaking mentor and editor for the Wapikoni Mobile Project in Aboriginal communities of Quebec and Latin America, an experience from which he drew inspiration for 3 MAGALYS.



Producer: Frédéric Julien
Production Companies: Wapikoni Mobile
Screenwriter: Frédéric Julien
Cinematographer: Frédéric Julien
Editor: Frédéric Julien, Diego Rivera Kohn
Sound Design: Federico O’Reilly
Music: Bobby Cotton, Federico O’Reilly
Cast: Magaly Noza Moye

Print Source: David Chouinard,