Tres D / Three D

A film by Rosendo Ruíz

This film was screened as a part of the 2015 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF18)

Co-presented by Esquina Tango


Argentina, Drama/Comedy, 2014
88 min, DCP, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

The production company that Matías and his longtime girlfriend, Karina, work with is hired by the 3rd International Film Festival of Cosquín to document the festival. Matías arrives on his own to being working, but Karina doesn’t show up on the first day of the festival and isn’t answering Matías’s calls or texts. In the middle of a movie screening, he receives an angry text message from a very upset Karina. He tries in vain to get in touch with her, while continuing to film the festival’s events, interviewing not only well-known invitees, but also a colorful array of local characters discovered during his days in the mountains.

North American Premiere

About the director

- DirectorRosendo Ruíz was born in San Juan, Argentina in 1967. In 2010, his film DE CARAVANA won the Audience Award for Best Film, and a Latin American Image and Sound School Federation (FEISAL) Special Mention for Best Director, at the 25th Mar del Plata International Film Festival. He filmed his second feature, TRES D, during the 3rd International Film Festival of Cosquín.



Producer: Inés Moyano, Carla Briasco, Florencia Bastida
Production Companies: El Carro
Screenwriter: Rosendo Ruíz
Cinematographer: Pablo González Galetto
Editor: Ramir Sonzini, Rosendo Ruíz, Leandro Naranjo
Sound Design: Atilio Sánchez
Music: MCTP
Cast: Matías Ludueña, Micaela Ritacco, José Celestino Campusano, Lorena Caviccia, Maura Sajeva, Eduardo Leyrado

Print Source: EL CARRO Producciones,