Los enemigos del dolor / The Enemies of Pain

A film by Arauco Hernández

This film was screened as a part of the 2015 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival (CLAIFF18)


Uruguay, Adventure/Comedy/Drama, 2014
82 min, HD 4k, Color
Spanish, German with English subtitles

A German actor comes to Montevideo looking for his wife. He is quite rude, speaks Spanish poorly, and has a talent for getting himself into trouble. A few hours after his arrival, he loses his way and runs into a group of young men who try to rob him. Pedro, an ex-addict in his forties, intervenes and helps him get away, giving him advice about how to get around. Along the way, the foreigner tells the story of his lost love to various strangers, and this is how he recruits Nelson, a laconic security guard whose wife has left him and who joins the German’s quest as if it were his own. Together, and united by suffering, they set out on a journey through the suburbs of Montevideo. This film is an adventure in vandalism with a shot of bittersweet humor.

North American Premiere

About the director

- DirectorArauco Hernández studied cinema in Montevideo, Mexico, Cuba and New York. He worked as a Director of Photography in New York and Montevideo. In 2002, he directed the short movie PERRO PERDIDO which won the Innovation Prize at Clermont-Ferrand and Best New Director at Huesca IFF. He also worked as a director of photography on GIANT, HIROSHIMA, NORBERTO’S DEADLINE, A USEFUL LIFE, and THE MILITANT. LOS ENEMIGOS DE DOLOR is his first feature film as a director.



Producer: Micaela Sole
Production Companies: Cordón Films
Screenwriter: Arauco Hernández
Cinematographer: Thomas Mauch
Editor: Pablo Riera
Sound Design: Daniel Yafalian
Music: Maximiliano Silvera
Cast: Felix Marchand, Pedro Dalton, Lucio Hernández

Print Source: Micaela Sole,