Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

11:30am Latinitas + PHS Productions Special Presentations
followed by
Emergencia Youth Film Competition, Part One (Audience: All Ages)
Emergencia Youth Film Competition, Part Two (Recommended: Ages 14+)
2:00pm Emergencia Youth Film Festival Pizza Party

FREE and Open to the Public

Cine Las Americas and Latinitas Present:
Chica Power

LATINITAS is a non-profit organization focused on informing, entertaining, and inspiring young Latinas to grow into healthy, confident, and successful Latinas through media and technology.

Chica Power
Antonio Salmeron
Documentary/Education, TBD min, Austin, TX, USA, 2017

A behind the scenes look at reactions to the films from the Emergencia youth judges at Latinitas and a highlight reel of work created by elementary and middle school girls at 15 Club Latinitas campuses.

Cine Las Americas and PHS Productions Present:
The Man Behind the Microphone

PHS PRODUCTIONS is the award-winning work of broadcast and film students at Pflugerville High School in Pflugerville, Texas.

The Man Behind the Microphone
Samantha Pennell
Documentary/Drama, 5 min, Pflugerville, TX, USA, 2016

C.J. King is a father of four and grandfather of 10. Over the years, the 71- year-old King has volunteered in the Pflugerville Fire Department and served as postmaster for the city. He also helped found Pflugerville’s Little League Softball Program. But on Friday nights, King is simply the Man Behind the Microphone.

Emergencia Youth Film Competition, Part One (Audience: All Ages)

20th Century Fight
Chris, Gisell
Austin Film School
Comedy, 2 min, Austin, TX, USA, 2016

A pair of boxers duke it out in the ring to see who will be the winner.
A Teenage Girl Survival Guide
Adrianna Marquez
Real to Reel
Comedy, 4 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

A girl discovers how to solve the majority of her problems through the most confusing time of her life: being a teenage girl.
A Very Mousy Adventure: The Awakening
Victor Silva
Adventure, 3 min, Dallas, TX, USA, 2017

A mouse awakens to find himself in a rough situation with only one sole purpose in mind: To find the computer he belongs to.
Willy Rivera
Real to Reel
Comedy, 3 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

Billy wants to ask out Mary, but his voice cracks at inopportune moments.
Goldenbloom ‘Searching for Sunlight’
Rebecca Kirby, Marylys Merida, Alyssa Peguero
Real to Reel
Music Video, 4 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

All the fun in the world is no fun at all if you have no one to share it with.
Home Is Never Where I Sleep
Armani Avalo, Linh Chit, Jasmin De La Cruz, Kevin Gutierrez, Kaleb Habtegebriel, Kaylyn Sverker, Jenavier Tesada, Andry Vasquez, Hunter Wanger
Real to Reel
Spoken Word, 1 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

Spoken Word artist, Noel Pichardo, performs his poem about finding home.
Lorianny Guzman, Louise Silva, Julianna Gallant, Destiny Fernandez, James Sowinski
Real to Reel
Comedy, 4 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

Three girls sit in detention and contemplate how they got there.
Mujeres Fuertes
Strong Women
Angela Benavides
Real to Reel
Drama, 3 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

This film focuses on the strengths and sacrifices it takes to be a strong, Latina woman in America.
Fyanna Boivin
Drama, 2 min, Opitciwan, QC, Canada, 2015

Portrait of an Atikamekw teen who wishes to travel untrodden paths.
The Fruit Leather Gang & The Case of the Haunted Doughnut
Zinnia, Ramon, Alina, Javier
Austin Film School
Mystery, 3 min, Austin, TX, USA, 2016

A group of girl detectives are on the case of a haunted doughnut shop.
The Zone
Emily Silva
Real to Reel
Drama, 5 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

These people have something that puts them in the zone.

Emergencia Youth Film Competition, Part Two (Recommended: Ages 14+)

Concrete Canvas
Gema Ceron, Nicole Rivera
BAVC Factory
Drama, 6 min, CA, USA, 2016

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is dedicated to facilitating the empowerment of communities through commissioned urban art projects.
Nicole Verissimo
Drama, 18 min, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 2016

Maia was very tormented by spirits, but after she began to attend a meeting for people who witness supernatural events, she realizes that she is not so free.
Hand Games
Danny DeLeon
On Native Ground
Drama, 5 min, Forestville, CA, USA, 2016

Hinowu is an introductory look into the Native American tradition of handgames; played in tribes as a way to bring together the elders and youth of the communities, as well as a vital tool to preserve the tribal cultures and languages.
Wynter Rhys
Drama, 6 min, North Bend, WA, USA, 2016

An elderly man grapples with the guilt of what he’s done in the strange, whimsical land of his subconscious.
Our Jewels
Nicole Rivera
BAVC Factory
Drama, 5 min, CA, USA, 2016

A look at sexuality and liberation from women of various ages.
Palehound ‘Cushioned Caging’
Badger Antoniou
Real to Reel
Music Video, 4 min, Lynn, MA, USA, 2016

Please be advised that your wait time could be extensive…
Felipe Vargas
Drama, 7 min, Weston, FL, USA, 2017

At the end of their ropes, two strangers find themselves in an unusual waiting room.
Sovereign’s Water
Verel Moon
On Native Ground
Drama, 17 min, Forestville, CA, USA, 2015

This short speaks to the conditions of the Trinity River containing interviews with tribal scientists and members of the tribe in regards to the water conditions.
The Seated Siren
Sylvia Colt-Lacayo
BAVC Factory
Drama, 6 min, CA, USA, 2016

In a realistic glimpse into a teenage girl’s life, Jen, an outgoing high school student, must defy how society perceives her sexuality.