CLAIFF + AMVF Co-Presented Music Videos

CLAIFF + AMVF Co-Presented Music Videos

Screening as part of the evening VIDEOS MUSICALES

The North Door
Friday, May 6th, 2016

Free for CLAIFF19 Badge and Pass Holders
$5 Cover for general public
Open to ages 18+

Doors open and full program begins at 9:00pm

CLAIFF + AMVF Co-Presented Music Videos at 11:00pm

American-Dreams American Dreams
Diego Lozano

Drama/Music Video, 6 min, Color, USA, 2016

A man destroyed by the loss of a loved one embarks on a journey into a delirious spiral of self destruction. Will he find redemption?
Print Source: Diego Lozano,
Ego-Altar Ego Altar
Javier Antonio Avellán

Music by: SORNE
Music Video/Avant Garde, 4 min, Black & White, USA, 2013

SORNE sings from the collective perspectives of five siblings and their desire to be loved unconditionally by their late father.
Print Source: Javier A. Avellán,
Fridas-Heart Frida’s Heart
Executive Director: Daniela Riojas, Co-director: Laura Varela
Music by: Femina X
Latin Psychadelic Triphop, 6 min, Black & White, USA, 2015

An extension of her performance art, FRIDA’S HEART shows Riojas emerging from the Blue Hole, seeking out and finding ceremonial objects, turning herself over to shamans who take her through a series of rituals, and ultimately cutting her own throat as a form of sacrifice by giving her blood and body back to the river in an act of rebirth.
Print Source: Daniela Riojas – Femina X,
Looking-for-some-action Looking for Some Action
AJ Vallejo

Music by: Dead Love Club
Electronic/Rock, 4 min, Black & White, USA, 2016

Music video by Dead Love Club performing “Looking For Some Action” at St. Elmo’s Soundstage in Austin, Texas.
Print Source: Alex Vallejo – VMG Artists,
Tomorrow 02 Tomorrow
CJ Vinson, Aaron Brown

Music by: Shakey Graves
Live Music Video, 5 min, Color, USA, 2013

The Sessions Productions filmed a live (deconstructed) version of “Tomorrow” with Shakey Graves at the 2013 The Sessions Factory.
Print Source: CJ Vinson,
Trouble-in-Paradise Trouble in Paradise
Tina Rivera

Music by: Tela Novella
Psych-pop, 3 min, Color, USA, 2014

The band Tela Novella pays a visit to a haunted retro motel.,
Print Source: Tina Rivera,
Where-I-Live Where I Live
Priscilla Villegas

Music by: Sertified
Rap/Hip-Hop, 4 min, Color, USA, 2014

An artist’s creative view on escaping life’s stresses in search of peace; highlighting various popular Austin, Texas locations using a combination of film & animated graphics.
Print Source: Priscilla Villegas,

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