A woman looks over her shoulder an angry man behind her.


Nudo Mixteco

A film by Ángeles Cruz





A person in silhouette looks on as a building burns.

A mariachi band plays in the street. Streamers above them go from one side of the street to the other.



Mexico, 2021
91 min, Color
Spanish, Mixteco; English subtitles

Three stories that intertwine during the patron saint’s celebration in San Mateo, a village of the Mixtec Oaxaca. María buries her mother, her father rejects her and, in uncertainty and pain, she proposes to Piedad, her childhood love, to leave with her. Esteban returns after three years to discover Chabela, his wife, is living with another man; enraged he calls the village people to prosecute her in an assembly. Toña relives her own pain in the face of the abuse of her daughter when she returns to confront her family to protect her. three stories that intertwine in a village of Mixtec Oaxaca, governed by local practices and customs.


Texas Premiere


Director’s Bio

Actress and filmmaker of Mixtec origin. Ángeles Cruz has written and directed the short films La tiricia o cómo curar la tristeza [Tiricia or How to Cure Sadness], La Carta [The Letter] and Arcángel [Archangel], all three of them receiving awards both in Mexico and abroad. Nudo Mixteco is her directorial debut produced by Madrecine.



Producer: Lucia Carreras, Lola Ovando, Ángeles Cruz
Production Companies: Madrecine
Screenwriter: Ángeles Cruz
Cinematographer: Carlos Correa
Editor: Miguel Salgado
Sound Design: Rodrigo Castillo Filomarino
Music: Rubén Luengas
Principal Cast: Noé Hernández, Aida Lopez, Eileen Yañez, Sonia Couoh, Myriam Bravo, Jorge Doal


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