Woman lays on an empty desert landscape.


La Viajante // The Wanderer

A film by Miguel Mejías



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Woman walks away in the foggy distance.

Woman is seen in the distance among bare tree branches.


Spain, 2020
Drama/Road Movie
84 min, Color
Spanish, with English subtitles

Angela has a life that wipes out in front of her eyes. Living in a routine which seems impossible to run away from until the moment she ventures herself on a journey through the remote lands, where she will discover an special interest filming insects on her mother’s camera while she deals with the unexpected and unknown impulses of her loneliness.

North American Premiere


Director’s Bio

Miguel Mejias Headshot

Miguel Mejías (Tenerife, Spain, 1991) trainedin Madrid as screenwriter and director afterhaving begun studies in Sociology and Audiovisual Communication. He is currently a professor of Direction at Instituto del Cine de Canarias.He has written and directed short films including titles such as The Foundation, Los paraísos de Narciso (The Narcissus Paradises), Nocturnos (Nocturnes), Ella y la ventana (She and the window) and Icelands, selected on prestigious international festivals such as the Ismailia Film Festival (Egypt), Cinespaña Tolouse (France) or Experimental Superstars (Serbia).



Producer: Angharad Rojo, Sebastián Álvarez, Jairo López, Domingo J. González, Jonay García
Production Companies: Digital 104, Volcano Films
Screenwriter: Miguel Mejías, Amanda Lobo
Cinematographer: Pablo G. Gallego
Editor: Miguel Mejías, Oscar Santamaría, Sergio Jiménez
Sound Design: Ángel Fraguela, Raúl Capote
Music: Eduardo Paynter, Alberto Cobián
Principle cast: Ángela Boix, Miquel Insua, Francisca Ródenas, Niklas Schmich


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