A transgender individual wearing necklaces and a yellow skirt standing in a tunnel with graffiti.


El Viaje de Monalisa // The Journey of Monalisa

A film by Nicole Costa







Chile/United States, 2019
88 min, Color
Spanish, English; English subtitles

After 17 years, Nicole Costa gets in touch with Iván Ojeda, her old Chilean friend from college. Back then he was a talented theater director and playwright, but it turns out he has reinvented himself. Iván now goes by Monalisa and works as a prostitute on the streets of New York. Intrigued by this transformation, Costa decides to follow Iván Monalisa, a “gender-neutral two-spirit,” in their tough and vulnerable life filled with fleeting sexual encounters and addiction to hard drugs. Nonetheless, Monalisa does continue to write beautiful, raw pieces about life and survival in New York.

Regional Premiere


Director’s Bio

New York based actress, filmmaker and producer. In 2017, she received the prize for best actress for the film “Objects of Love” (2015) by the Spanish director Adrián Silvestre. She debuts as director for her short film “Danger & Alone”, co-directed with Mary Monahan at the Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC) and premieres her first feature documentary “The journey of Monalisa” in Valdivia International Film Festival in 2019.



Producer: Daniela Camino, Gregory Costa, Nicole Costa
Production Companies: Mimbre Producciones, Nicole Costa Films
Screenwriter: Nicole Costa, Melisa Miranda, Daniela Camino
Cinematographer: Nicole Costa, Mauricio Rodas, Francisca Molina, Tevo Díaz, Joshua Day, Ned Stresen-Reuter, Chepo Sepúlveda Egaña, Francisca Saez
Editor: Melisa Miranda
Sound Design: Sonamos
Music: Kato Hideki, Johnny Magee, Arturo Saray, Diego Las Heras, Antonia Larenas
Principal Cast: Ivan Monalisa Ojeda


Print Source: Daniela Camino,