Narrative Shorts Competition

Narrative Shorts Competition

Q&A with filmmakers will follow the screening.


Malegro Verte (Good t’see ya)
Directed by Nüll García
Texas Premiere

Two friends bump into each other at a shopping mall’s restroom after losing touch in their teens. One is a successful white businesswoman while the other is a Romani woman who hardly makes ends meet. Long gone are the endless summer days in the village. Nothing will ever be the same again.


En Cualquier Lugar (Any Place)
Directed by Minerva Elisa Bolaños
Texas Premiere

In a society where children are not heard and traditions are not to be questioned, the peaceful life of a 5-year-old is disturbed by a terrible event that forces her to find a way to recover peace and save her loved ones.


Vão das Almas (Valley of Souls)
Directed by Edileuza Penha de Souza & Santiago Dellape
Texas Premiere

A black family tries to defend their land against invaders but gets caught between a mischievous witch and a tortured spirit eager for revenge. Inspired by one of the most popular characters from Brazilian Folklore: the Saci, a one-legged trickster with the power to lure people with its bird song.


Directed by Alex Ulises & Nelson G. Navarrete
Texas Premiere

A hot-headed taxi driver and henchman in Medellín is enlisted to repair his boss’ AC at five in the morning. After an endless night, his determination is put to the test through a series of trials and tribulations the city throws in his way, leading him to question his work, himself, and his role in society.


LOOP: It’s a matter of time (LOOP: Es cuestión de tiempo)
Directed by Alejandro Pedemonte
Texas Premiere

Fausto wakes up in the middle of the night with the news of his father dying. However, he refuses to go to him. Overtaken by his own rage, his decision causes a time loop that will eventually give him the opportunity to face his own forgiveness, loss, and life itself.


Mi Abuelita, La Campeona (My Grandma Is My Champion)
Directed by Isa Moreno
Austin Premiere

Where a wheelchair-bound Mexican grandmother longs to return to her championship boxing career, her spunky granddaughter shows her that her champion dreams can continue digitally.



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LANGUAGESEnglish, Portuguese, Spanish
RUN TIME: 82 Minutes


6101 Highland Campus Dr, Building 3000 (Corner of Clayton Lane and Wilhelmina Delco Dr), Austin, TX 78752, United States, #737-707-3370