Narrative Shorts Competition

Narrative Shorts Competition


Una Eva Más (Just Another Eva)
Directed by Daniela Hernández
Southwest Regional Premiere

Eva migrates to Santiago chasing the dream of being an actress, and among all the prospects of the city, she will need more than luck to make it.


La Torta (The Cake)
Directed by Carlos Novella
Southwest Regional Premiere

A confectioner prepares the cake for a party to which she hopes to be invited.


Naquele Dia Escuro (That Dark Day)
Directed by Daniel Guarda
Southwest Regional Premiere

Fabio is a young trans man mourning the end of a love affair. Louise is ill and away from her family. Amid a polarized and bigoted society, he is her caregiver while she becomes his rock. Now they have each other to learn to say goodbye.


Votamos (All In Favor)
Directed by Santiago Requejo
Texas Premiere

What begins as an ordinary board in a traditional apartment building to vote the renewal of the elevator, turns into an unexpected debate about the limits of pacific coexistence.


Llueven las flores, los piratas y el tesoro de la bruja (Rain of Flowers, the Pirates and the Witch’s Treasure)
Directed by Faustino Alanís
World Premiere

Cat, Pin and Matchstick, three children who live in a tenement, spend their days imagining a fantastic world to escape the violence and monsters that haunt them.



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LANGUAGESSpanish, Portugese
RUN TIME: 100 Minutes
6700 Middle Fiskville Rd, Austin, TX 78752, United States, #888-407-9874