Fly So Far

A film by Celina Escher


June 10 at 8pm, ESB-MACC
Free & open to the public




El Salvador, Sweden, 2021
Documentary, Women’s Rights, Reproductive Rights, Social Justice
89 min, Color
Spanish, English subtitles

As states in the U.S. enact abortion bans, FLY SO FAR serves as a grave warning of how far government control of women’s bodies can go. This brave film from Swiss-Salvadorean filmmaker Celina Escher is set in El Salvador, a country with some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, including the criminalization of those who experience miscarriages and other obstetric emergencies.


Director’s Bio

Celina Escher is a Swiss-Salvadorean filmmaker. She studied documentary film at the International Film and Television School in San Antonio de los Baños (EICTV) in Cuba. In 2016 her short film MOTRIZ was part of the student selection at IDFA and at Poitiers Film Festival 2017. Her film Verde Olivo was shown at the Film des Femmes Créteil in France and in festivals in San Francisco, England and Germany. In 2018, Celina’s short film LUZ PARA ELLAS was screened at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in La Habana and the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. In March 2019 Celina was selected as one of the 50 new Latin American filmmakers at Talent Campus of Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico. FLY SO FAR is Celina’s first documentary feature film.



Producer: Mónica Hernández Rejón
Production Companies: Pråmfilm AB
Cinematographer: Guillermo Argueta, Audun Fjeldheim, Celina Escher, Christian Rivera, Fabricio Sibrián, Camilo Henríquez, Nils Bucher, Kalle Jansson & Maria Åkesson
Editor: Matteo Faccenda
Sound Design: Anders Lindahl/Ljudbang
Music: Mahan Mobashery & Nils Bucher
Principle cast: Teodora Vásquez & The 17+


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