A film by Vee Bravo


June 9, 2022 at 5:30pm, ESB-MACC
Free & open to the public



Chile, United States, 2021
Documentary, Protests, Inequality, Human Rights
96 min, Color
Spanish, English subtitles

PRIMERA chronicles the 2020 social uprising in Chile that started with a student protest over a transportation fare hike, and evolved into a national movement that resulted in the historic plebiscite that paved the way for the writing of a new constitution. The film offers an immersive look at the year-long process through the experiences of everyday Chileans who took to the streets and galvanized the country to demand structural change.

Texas Premiere


Director’s Bio

Vee Bravo is a New York native from Chile who has documented hip hop and Latinx culture for the past 25 years. As an educator he served as the Education Director for the Maysles Documentary Center and Tribeca Film Institute. As a filmmaker, Bravo co-produced the PBS documentary ESTILO HIP HOP [2009] which chronicled hip hop activism across Latin America. Most recently, he produced PRIMERA [2021], an award winning documentary on the 2020 Chilean social uprising.



Producer: Vee Bravo, Kevin Lopez, Catherine Gund
Cinematographer: Ruben Collado, Andrés Cardenas
Editor: Elisa Correa
Sound design: Peter Rosenthal, Francisco Cortés Picazo, Jessica Bruna Figueroa
Music: Zak Engel


Print Source: Kevin Lopez,