Gods of Mexico

A film by Helmut Dosantos




June 12, 2022 at 11:30am, AFS Cinema



Mexico, 2022
97 min, Color/Black & White
Spanish, English subtitles

A survey of rural Mexico composed into an extraordinary collage of labor practices and vast landscapes, Gods of Mexico portrays the rich diversity of several communities of Native Peoples and Afro-descendants throughout the country. It is both a testament to the human being and a tribute to those who fight to preserve their cultural identity. The viewer explores a “Lost Atlantis” in which unlimited possibilities of existence continue to resist in the shadows of modernization.

Regional Premiere


Director’s Bio

Helmut Dosantos is a screenwriter, director and producer. He is the founder of the independent film production companies Narvalus Films (USA) and Fulgura Frango (Mexico). He produced the documentary TONY DRIVER by Ascanio Petrini (Film Critics’ Week, Venice 2019) with Dugong Films (IT); and he is also Co-producer for PRAYERS FOR THE STOLEN by Tatiana Huezo (Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2021); and Executive Producer for ATLANTIDE by Yuri Ancarani (Orizzonti, Venice 2021). GODS OF MEXICO (2022) is his debut feature documentary as a Director.



Producer: Helmut Dosantos, Pilar Goutas, Marta Núñez Puerto
Cinematographer: Helmut Dosantos
Editor: Yibran Asuad, Helmut Dosantos
Sound Design: Enrico Ascoli


Print Source: Cameron Swanagon,