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Cine Las Americas and the Office of International Programs at St. Edwards University present:


A film by Andrés Wood

Starring: Matias Quer, Ariel Mateluna, Manuela Martell, Ernesto Malbrán, Aline Kuppenheim, Federico Luppi, Francisco Kings

February 16, 7 PM - FREE!

Jones Auditorium at the Ragdsale Center, St. Edwards University

3001 South Congress Avenue

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Cine Las Americas is pleased to announce the first in a series of screenings presented in collaboration with St. Edwards University. These screenings have the goal of bringing relevant Latin American films to the student population at St. Edwards and to the general public, in collaboration with different departments at the University. All screenings at St. Edwards will be free and open to the public.

MACHUCA was originally premiered to a raving audience in Austin at the opening night of the 2005 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, and was subsequently featured as part of Austin Film Society's Essential Cinema Series later that year.

This time, the Office of International Programs at St. Edwards University and Cine Las Americas offer a new opportunity to view this amazing film on the big screen. Few films from Latin America have accomplished the balance between a highly emotional personal story and the recreation of a crucial time in a country's history as MACHUCA does. The film's detailed rendering of the times and struggles of 1973's Chile are a treat to witness on a big screen.


Dir. Andrés Wood

Chile / Spain, 2004, Drama

115 min. 35mm, Color

Starring: Matias Quer, Ariel Mateluna, Manuela Martell, Ernesto Malbrán, Aline Kuppenheim, Federico Luppi, Francisco Kings

In 1973 Chile, Gonzalo Infante and Pedro Machuca are two eleven-year-old boys living in the capital city of Santiago. Gonzalo comes from a well-to-do family, and Pedro comes from an illegal shantytown recently settled not far from Gonzalo's neighborhood. Their worlds are separated by a burden that some, in an age full of revolutionary hopes, want to break down..

One of these dreamers is Father McEnroe, the principal of a private catholic school, who enlists a group of boys from low-income families to attend the elite school with the conviction that the students will learn to respect each other. This is how Pedro Machuca finds himself in the same classroom with Gonzalo Infante, and a friendship full of discoveries and realizations is born.

En Español:

Chile, 1973. Gonzalo Infante y Pedro Machuca son niños de once años y viven en la ciudad capital de Santiago. Gonzalo proviene de una familia acomodada, y Pedro viene de un asentamiento ilegal recientemente instalado no muy lejos del vecindario de Gonzalo. El mundo de ambos está separado por una barrera que algunos, en una era de ideales revolucionarios, quieren romper.

Uno de éstos soñadores es el padre McEnroe, el director de un colegio católico privado, quien enlista a un grupo de niños de familias de bajos ingresos para que asistan a la exclusiva escuela, convencido de que los estudiantes aprenderán a respetarse unos a otros. Es así como Pedro Machuca se encuentra en el mismo salón de clase con Gonzalo Infante, y nace una amistad llena de descubrimientos y desengaños.



Director / Producer: Andrés Wood

Writers: Roberto Brodsky, Mamoun Hassan, Andrés Wood

Producers: Gerardo Herrero, Mamoun Hassan, Andrés Wood

Executive Producers: Nathalie Trafford, Juan Carlos Arriagada, Patricio Pereira

Production Supervisor: Patricio Pereira

Direction of Photography: Miguel Joan Littin, AEC

Script Supervisor: Eliseo Altunaga

Sound Design: Miguel Hormazábal

Sound Direction: Maldavsky Marks

Sound Production: Plató Sonido

Art Direction: Rodrigo Bazaes

Costume Design: Maya Mora

Music: Jose Miguel MirandaJose Miguel Tobar

Editor: Fernando Pardo

Post-Supervisor, Chile" Soledad Salfate

Head of Production: Eduardo Castro

Assistant Director: Waldo Salgado

Casting: Carlos Johnson

Production Design: Maria Eugenia Hederra

Props: Alejandro Mono González

Set Design: Guadalupe Correa


Matias Quer: Gonzalo Infante

Ariel Mateluna: Pedro Machuca

Manuela Martelli: Silvana

Ernesto Malbrán: Father McEnroe

Aline Kuppenheim: Maria Luisa Infante (Gonzalo's mother)

Federico Luppi: Roberto Ochagavia (mother's lover)

Francisco Kings: Patricio Infante (Gonzalo's father)

Luis Dubó: Ismael Machuca (Pedro's father)

Tamara Acosta: Juana (Pedro's mother)

Maria Olga Matte: Miss Gilda (teacher)

Gabriela Medina: Lucy (Gonzalo's sister)

Tiago Correa: Pablo (sister's boyfriend)

Alexander Trejo: Willi (flag vendor)

Andrea Garcia Huidobro: Isabel (maid)

Pablo Krögh: Colonel Sotomayor

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